Connected Vehicles

Intelight CV

Boost safety and efficiency for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) by connecting them with real-time data on traffic signal operations.

  • Equip vehicles and drivers with real-time signal data
  • Distribute traffic signal data locally or centrally to third party app providers
  • Comply with leading industry data and security requirements


Our modular, Intelight CV solution provides a hybrid, best-in-class approach to equipping CAVs and motorists with real-time traffic signal data to promote safer, more efficient, and greener travel.

Intersection data (e.g. SPaT, MAP, BMS/TIM/SRM/SSM) is locally broadcast and received via DSRC or 5G radios. Data is centrally aggregated for distribution to vehicles, Intelight CV or other third-party apps, or any consumer the agency wishes to share their data with.

Equipped vehicles or motorists with the Intelight CV app can access real-time information, such as:

  • Position and lane tracking
  • Time-to-green/red
  • Actual and suggested speed
  • Preempt/EV notification
  • Traveler information messages

As a hybrid approach, Intelight CV combines the best of our local and central CV solutions available separately or packaged together for optimum performance and data accuracy.

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