• Interfaces with traffic signal controllers
  • Extends green times for efficient movement of public transport
  • Count/classification of all vehicles


The HI-TRAC® UTC-L (BP) is a small, low-powered, low-cost electronic system that can be used to accurately detect buses and transmit an alarm to a traffic signal controller. This allows extension of the green phase to allow buses to pass through, or provides a ‘hurry call’ which forces the controller to the demanded stage as quickly as possible.

The UTC-L (BP) has four configurable alarm outputs ideal for bus priority applications. The UTC-L (BP) uses the Q-Free’s Advanced Loop Profiling function.

Modifications have been carried out on the UTC-L (BP) algorithms to eliminate false-positive bus detection.

The UTC-L (BP) unit is sealed to IP68 and is usually installed inside the traffic signal controller cabinet. If necessary the unit can also be installed inside a post or a small roadside pillar.

The UTC-L (BP) can be configured to automatically transmit traffic data via GPRS to a web server for secure storage.

GSM dial-up communication is also supported.

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