• Low-power/low-cost solution with un-compromised capability
  • Transmits data via GPRS
  • Up to eight lanes of monitoring with 8GB data storage


The HI-TRAC® UTC-L is a small, low-powered, low-cost electronic system capable of monitoring up to eight traffic lanes.

The UTC-L:

  • uses established loop sensor technology with Q-Free’s Advanced Loop Profiling function to detect mixed traffic whilst recording vehicle classification, speed, gap and headway.
  • can be powered by a small 3W solar panel mounted on top of a small pillar, supported by two rechargeable 6V 8Ah batteries to form a fully standalone permanent solution.
  •  is sealed to IP68 and can be configured to automatically transmit traffic data via GPRS to a web server for secure storage.

GSM dial-up communication is also supported.

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