High-Speed Classification & Weigh in Motion System.

  • Supports multiple array configurations
  • Transmits data via GPRS with real-time view
  • Integrates with ANPR, CCTV and diversion signs


The HI-TRAC® TMU4 is a high-speed traffic data collection system. It records vehicle classification and axle load data without interruptions to traffic flow.

The HI-TRAC® TMU4 incorporates embedded Ethernet with TCP/IP stack, VPN and FTP as well as 8GB data storage and thus provides high-end functionality at a reasonable cost.

The standard configuration of two Class 1 piezo-electric sensors and one inductive loop installed in the highway per lane provides axle weight data to COST 323 Class B(10) accuracy in addition to inter-axle spacing and vehicle speed data.

The system can be used as a statistical data device to record highway traffic loading or it can also be used as a screening weighbridge to identify overloaded vehicles in the traffic stream.

The HI-TRAC® TMU4 can be interfaced to traffic signals or diversion signs to intercept overloaded vehicles and to ANPR or CCTV camera systems.

It uses Q-Free’s advanced loop-profiling techniques to improve vehicle classification accuracy and, with advanced automatic temperature compensation algorithms incorporated as standard, weight data is significantly improved.

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