• Supports multiple array configuration options
  • Highly accurate classification
  • Event monitoring and incident detection


The HI-TRAC® TMU2 is a high-speed traffic data collection system which records vehicle classification data without interruption to traffic flow. The HI-TRAC® TMU2 supports a series of in-road sensor arrays (loop-loop, loop-piezo-loop and loop-piezo-loop- piezo) providing loop profiling and axle classification functionality.

The system can be used as a statistical data gathering device to record the pattern of highway traffic as well as a means of event monitoring and incident detection.

The unit incorporates interfaces to both piezo-electric and inductive loop sensors and can be configured as a high-speed weigh-in-motion system.

Q-Free’s advanced vehicle-straddling algorithms mean that volumetric detection rates in excess of 99.5 percent are achievable.

Protected to IP65, the HI-TRAC® TMU2 may be powered by either a mains supply or a solar panel and associated battery and charge regulator.

GSM and GPRS communications options are available.

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