Journey Time Monitoring System.

  • Accurate detection of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices
  • Transmits data via GPRS with real-time view of route performance
  • Easy to install and rotate for temporary surveys


The HI-TRAC® BLUE2 is the most advanced journey time monitoring system on the market. It directly and accurately measures vehicle and pedestrian journey times using low-cost, low-power, non- intrusive technology in a sealed IP68 enclosure suitable for roadside operation with easy and quick set-up.

The HI-TRAC® BLUE2 detects anonymous Bluetooth signals transmitted by visible Bluetooth devices located inside vehicles and carried by pedestrians. This data is then used to calculate traffic journey times and movements. Its robust and reliable design, ultra-low power consumption and extended battery life make it the preferred Bluetooth traffic survey tool for the leading traffic survey companies.

The new-look HI-TRAC® BLUE2 is designed, manufactured and developed exclusively by Q-Free. New features include increased processing power, increased storage and integration and compatibility with other applications.

Wifi Detection

Q-Free is now able to offer Wi-Fi detection. This will enable detection of MAC addresses as well as Bluetooth data from enabled devices, to provide additional data to track vehicle and pedestrian movement.

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