HI-TRAC® CMU Cycle Priority

Q-Free recognises that government bodies are under pressure to reduce the numbers of vulnerable road users killed and seriously injured on our roads

Whilst also challenged by wider legislation to reduce transport’s environmental footprint, there is an increasing recognition of the need to detect and protect vulnerable road users in multimodal traffic environments, presenting unique challenges and opportunities to ITS providers.

For a number of years Q-Free has provided a unique and highly accurate solution to detect cyclists using both dedicated cycle paths, shared use paths or in-road within mixed traffic where cycle activity can either be used in isolation or as part of a full road use classification incorporating both vehicles and cycles.

An additional feature of the technology is the ability to offer a cycle priority solution for traffic signalised intersections. The system was first implement in Denmark and has been referred to as “The Copenhagen Solution” and is integrated in to the traffic signal controller to facilitate the safe passage of cyclists. The system has been proven to be effective compared to alternative technologies


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