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Q-Free UK

North Somerset, United Kingdom

30 Lynx Crescent
Weston Industrial Estate
North Somerset
England, United Kingdom
BS24 9BP

United Kingdom

+44 1934 644 299

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Gary Evans

General Manager



Q-Free UK

Q-Free UK was established in 1998 and offers a range of market-leading solutions designed to help monitor the ‘health’ of transport networks. A comprehensive portfolio includes systems for counting and classifying traffic, Bluetooth-based journey time monitoring, low- and high-speed weigh in motion, air-quality monitoring, and piezo-electric cycle and pedestrian detection. Q-Free is also involved in sustainable transport initiatives which, with the technologies listed, address network operators’ needs and fulfil info-mobility functions. Q-Free’s extensive range of manually operated handheld data loggers are used for traffic, pedestrian and vehicle registration survey work. These provide an ideal solution for short-term surveys at junctions, car parks and pedestrian crossings where the installation of a permanent system would be either too costly or impractical. These products and a range of software solutions have been developed in such a way that all of these products can be integrated to provide comprehensive solutions for congestion monitoring, incident detection and a host of other traffic management applications.Q-Free prides itself in the development of low-power solutions and each can be provided with a variety of communications options including GPRS, GSM, USB, Bluetooth, RS-232 and Ethernet TCP/IP. Q-Free is able to host data collected from customers’ equipment on its own secure servers and provide customers with real-time information and reporting on the performance of their sites.