Modern Road User Charging, Tolling and Smart Parking Solutions provide effective, efficient means of financing and funding roads and related infrastructure.

Modern Road User Charging (RUC)/tolling technology allows fees to be collected using barrier-less solutions at highway speeds, maximizing vehicle throughput, revenues collected and safety. Revenues can support new and existing road infrastructure as well as mass transit and modal shift.

Schemes can range in size from a single road or type of road to whole regions or countries. They can target specific types of vehicles, such as trucks, or all. Modern enforcement solutions — fixed, portable or mobile — minimize revenue losses, and electronic back office solutions offer pre- and post-payment options.

The same technology can manage traffic congestion and emissions. Examples include: city congestion charging schemes, as is implemented in Singapore, London, Stockholm and Gothenburg; and managed lanes, where dynamic road pricing is applied in real time. Access or exclusion can be total or varied by time of day, type of vehicle or emissions class.

Smart parking solutions can be applied to on- and off-road facilities. They use barrier-less, cashless technology and dynamic pricing, and provide road users with real-time information on parking availability. They can be linked to tolling and Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) to provide complete, seamless urban pricing and congestion-management solutions.

Managed service solutions allow customers to achieve the right balance between capital and operating expenditures. Q-Free offers, as a service, expertise in systems integration (including the ability to work with many different types of front-end technologies), legal frameworks and legislation (an important aspect of the tolling sector), and ongoing data collation and processing capabilities which reduce the client’s operating burden.

The company offers a complete range of tolling systems based on established and emerging technologies, as well as hybrid solutions. Its smart parking and tolling solutions share common platforms, allowing procurement of complete infrastructure financing and funding solutions from a single, expert supplier.