Share Information

Shareholder policy
It is a primary goal for Q-Free to maximise shareholders value, in such a way that the return on investment measured as the dividend and rise in the share price, will be at least at the same level as alternative investments involving similar risk. Q-Free does provide information on future financial performance.

Through the annual report and the quarterly reports and presentations, the company will provide information on its major value drivers and risk factors. This will secure information for investors and make it possible to evaluate the company’s risk and performance. It is Q-Free’s policy to maintain a high equity ratio to provide a platform for the company’s expected expansion and growth. Based on this assumption, the company does not expect any dividend to be paid out to the shareholders in the coming years.

Facts about the Q-FREE share

Q-FREE is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker QFR. The company has one class of shares and there are no voting restrictions. For more information about the Q-FREE share at Oslo Stock Exchange, please click HERE.

Organisation number: NO  935487242
Outstanding shares as of 28.09.2016: 89,223,446
Number of shareholders per 31.12.2018: 1,461
ISIN NO.: 0003103103
Lotsize (no. of shares): 500
Face value (NOK): 0,38
Share capital (NOK) as of 28.09.2016: 33,904,909.48
Dividend per share (NOK): 0,00 (29.05.2018)
Registered: NO