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Tennessee Highway Safety and Operations Conference

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Join us at the virtual 2020 Tennessee Highway Safety and Operations Conference. We'll be presenting with WSDOT about adaptive ramp metering.

It will be a virtual joint conference with TDOT, ITS TN, and TSITE.

Registration is free, and PDHs will be provided for registered attendees who attend.

Mark your calendars:

Wednesday, October 28 at 12:00 pm CST

Adaptive ramp metering – a probabilistic approach
Himanshu Wad, Traffic Engineer, Q- Free
featuring Robert Everman and Jason Lefler from WSDOT

Ramp metering is identified as one of the most cost-effective traffic management strategies for freeway operations. Partnered with Washington DOT, we are analyzing the key traffic parameters of volume, occupancy and speed and their relationships, to develop a probabilistic model for ramp meter retiming.

Using the basic principle that local influx of traffic volumes causes local congestion on the freeway section, we are designing a two-part methodology for re-timing ramp meters.

  • Part 1 focuses on developing and maintaining local traffic responsive rates which in conjunction with the queuing mechanisms continue to provide metered flow and optimum storage on the ramp lanes (targeting 70% storage on the ramps).
  • Part 2 focuses on adapting to the sudden spikes in traffic volumes at individual ramp locations by compensating the load caused by the local influx by reducing the metering rates on the nodes further upstream. This adaptive operation will be implemented using the State‚Äôs ramp meter software.

The presentation will also demonstrate these operations in a simulated environment and shares a few more key metering strategies prevalent in the industry.

01 Oct 2021