Governments around the world want their roads to be safer, more efficient, produce less pollution and be less congested. At Q-Free, all our decisions revolve around creating and providing sustainable technology solutions to help cities and urban communities around the world. These enable traffic managers and travelers to be better informed and make better decisions, which allows safer, more coordinated, and smarter user of transport networks.

We are proud to say that Q-Free is taking responsibility to counter pollution with our class leading products and solutions that actively reduce pollution from our environment.

Q-Free has undertaken environmental assessment proving the positive impact of our solutions on the environment, while indicating the vital importance of understanding how our activities, products and services can interact with the environment. Environment is a focus of Q-Free’s Management System (The Q-Free Way), and our environmental policy and defined environmental KPI’s are contributing to a dedicated company culture.

A perfect example of the beneficial impact our ITS technology has can be found in the Stockholm Congestion Tax System. Sweden’s capital is the busiest and most polluted city in the country, and since 2006 Q-Free’s tolling technology has been installed around the city to take pictures of each passing vehicle’s license plate and issue a corresponding fee to the vehicle owner, which varies in value depending on the time of day.

The results achieved in Stockholm include traffic reductions of 15-20 percent and travel times reduced by 50 per cent. Atmospheric pollution has also been reduced by 5-10% and the overall accuracy of Q-Free’s system has made a major contribution to increasing public support for congestion charging in the city. External Studies have gone to the extent of indicating that asthma attacks suffered by young children under the age of 6 would have occurred 45% more had the congestion charging system not been implemented.

Q-Free’s solutions are all about making traffic systems intelligent, ensuring efficient transportation, and reducing travel times for end-users. The result means direct and effective benefits for the environment.

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